Monday, November 21, 2011


So last Friday I spent the day in Chicago with some Friends on a day shopping trip.  We had a great time browsing through the stores, buying some things, and enjoying lots of food &drinks.  Towards the end of the day we stop by a Clarie's store to pick up some earrings for Nat's daughter Sydney.  That's when I had in impulsive thought to get my ear pierced again.  Crazy, I know...but thought of it as a way to celebrate all the weight I have lost so far (I know I don't talked about that much...I will soon, I promise).  Of course I had some great friends who thought I needed pictures of this. Thanks, girls!!!!

As I was waiting to get it done, I commented about how I didn't think Mike would even notice...and true to nature I finally gave in and told him on Sunday night...two days after I had it done.  He's reaction "well, you don't notice when I give myself haircuts anymore either"

 Ummm, Hello!!!!  He give himself a haircut like once a week, of course I don't notice.   He wasn't mad and glad I did the earring instead of a nose piercing.