Saturday, December 24, 2011

our boys will not being making us rich...or would they???

We did something a little different for the boys for Christmas this year.  In lieu of a couple gift each we decided to do one big gift for them all.   So instead of just telling them when we open gifts I did something a little different...I gave them 12 gifts; each one with some candy or a small token and 4 puzzles pieces.  They slowly put the puzzle together trying the figure out what it was.  On Thursday night we gave them the last four pieces and here's how it played out.


 Mike and I were hoping for way more excitement than what we got...I really hope they aren't disappointed.  There was no shock, no disbelief, no jumping for joy, no super excited kids....we would never make it on AFV with our kids' reaction. BUT then again the funny videos never do win so maybe we would have had a chance if I had recorded it.

As you can see from the picture below there is a missing piece...that is Mike's fault.  I know of all my boys, Mike has to lose a piece.  I had wrapped the last four pieces individually so each boy could open one...Mike had them in his pocket when we went for supper that night.  After supper, Mike had to stop at D&W for the soda.  When we got home there were only 3 pieces left in his pockets...I did try and make him go back to the store to get it, but in the end we just took one of the other pieces and let the boys open them.  He thinks he threw it out with some candy wrappers.

So now I just hope the boys will get a bit more excited as they will be finding out a few more things about the Florida during the rest of our Christmas Parties.  Mike's parents bought them tickets to Legoland and my parents bought tickets to Disney.  So I really would like a little more excited from the boys.