Friday, June 20, 2008

Swimming Lessons - Week 1

The boys just finished their swimming lessons. This was the first any of them took lessons and Brendan really needed them....he hardly even got in the water while we were in Florida this past spring. We took them at the Dolphin Swim Club in Kentwood.
I am so proud of the boys and how much they improved on the past week...the twins' class they were trying the get the kids used to the water. Letting them choo choo around the edge of the pool, try the kickboard, and have they go under the water. Austin liked it alot better than Lucas, but that's exactly what I expected. Brendan's class did lot...I was a little worryed when Brendan got there the first night and his instructor told him to just jump in. Nervously Brendan did just that. By the end of the week, Brendan learned how to float, swim across the pool with a kickboard both on his stomach and his back, and he jumped off the diving board.
Lessons were suppose to be 1/2 hour every night, but it was a tad bit cool this week, so they had 1/2 hour lesson on Monday and 1 hour lessons on yesterday and today. We are signed up for another week in July.
Way to go Brendan, Austin & Lucas!!!!!!