Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The end of Kindergarten

Last Week Friday night we had Brendan's end of the year Kindergarten program....I guess you could call it the kindergarten graduation. Every thing was going well...we were even going to be there on time, when the tire on the van went flat. So we pulled over and I knew we were going to be late. Mike got out the jack and trying take the spare tire off....well, it didn't want to come off and to top it off, Mike broke the lug nut wrench, leaving us with no wrench to get the flat tire of the van.

Seeing how we couldn't get the tire off with out some help, I called my parents and my dad came to our rescue. Thanks, dad!!! Meanwhile, I explained to Brendan that he was going to be at the program, but he would definitely be late. And of course the tears started flowing....and flowing. Finally we dad found us and I took the four boys to the program.

Brendan had the part of Peewee Penguin.
'Hi, my name is Peewee penguin and some of my favorites words are pizza, penguin, pig, purple, pink.' (and dad's thoughts were Pittsburgh Penguins....NOT!!!!!!)
He did a great job!!!!
Here's Drew as Vincent Vampire Bat.Ashlyn as Robbie Rabbit
Hannah as Xavier Fox

Brendan enjoying a piece of cake.