Monday, August 11, 2008

County Fair

Last Thursday we took the boys to the Kent County Youth Fair. They loved walked thru the barns and barns of animals, petting them and having no fear if an animal might bite or kick them. I guess that what being a kid is all about. Anyway, after getting the barns, the boys were sooooo hungry, but getting food for 6 people that want different things is much a pain in the butt!! Well, we ended up having to get into 7 lines for our dinner and kinda ate in shifts, which meant Mike and I ate on the run. There was a plus side to my complaining, we did get free ice cream.

Then the rides, we can't forget the rides. Each of the boys got to pick one ride to go on, yes we are cheap...the rides are three bucks each. The twins even picked different rides which was a mistake, our Mr."I've got no fear", Austin started crying the second his ride began, he didn't even make it around the track once and the carnie left him off.