Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Aly

We added to the family. I finally got some more girl power in this house. This is Aly (Brendan picked the name.) She is 6 week old Husky/Black lab mix, and so cute!!!


She adored Connor and Connor loves her. She follows him wherever he goes. and when she can, she licks his face and he thinks it's funny and doesn't seem to mind one bit.

And then there's the twins. Last night, they liked her, but she was scared and timid. This morning after church she was a bit more lively and Lucas cried everytime she came by him. Austin would jump on top of a chair when she tried coming by him. What is up with these two???? How do I get them to like dogs???? She's only a puppy...everyone loves puppies, right?

Mike loves her too!!!! After Jackson went missing about a week ago, Mike started looking for a puppy to replace him. When we found her on Craig's List yesterday, we couldn't resist.
"Talk to the Paw"

she already has an attitude. LOL