Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grilling is a man's job

This morning I had good intentions for put a roast in the oven for lunch, but after going to the freezer I realized that I had no roast in the freezer, so 2nd choice was steaks. I thawed then during church and all was well. Once we got home from church I put some potatoes in the oven, and seasoned the steaks.
While Mike was gone to pick up Brendan from church, I put the steaks on the grill - everything was still well. I seared one side, flipped over the steaks and turned down the heat thinking I didn't have to watch them so closely then. About 5 minutes later, I saw billows of smoke blowing across the deck. I ran over the the slider door, my first thoughts were I screwed up dinner. There was fire and black smoke coming from under the hood of the grill. I quickly turned the gas off and ran back in the house to get some water.
After getting the fire out, I got the steaks off the grill. Here's the results of my grilling.

...and the grill after the fire. Mike's thinking a good grill cleaner will clean it up.

(the top is not suppose to be black)

So at 12:30, I started over, thawing out some more steaks. I let Mike do the grilling, and steaks turned out wonderful - so tender and juicy. So I have given up on grilling, I will probably never again do the least if the family wants to eat.

Mike's steaks