Thursday, June 3, 2010

lots of seedin' and {hopefully} no weedin'

 Last week Saturday, planting the vegetable was the task at hand.  Mike was a awesome husband, and had the garden all prepared for me, he roto-tilled, fertilized, and covered it with plastic.  So the only thing that needed to be done was the planting part.

Each year that we've had the garden, the garden continues to expand and this year was no acceptation.   I think the size stayed the same, but we added a couple more veggies.

We planted
30 tomato plants. (4 Big Boy and 31 roma),

2 oregano plants,

2 parsley plants,

8 onions plants,

12 green pepper plants,

15 jalapeno plants,

4 melon plants, 
and 60 potatoes.

of course my little dirty helper wanted his picture taken,
he thought I needed to see his dirty piggies
and then he was distracted by a plane in the sky.

we also planted 6 lettuce plants, and 40 some green beans,
some packets of sunflowers and holly hocks,
and finally a peanut plant.

I bet by now you think we're nuts....yup, we are!!!!

I still need to plant pumpkins, but I learned in previous years that you don't do that until flag day (I believe that's June 14.)
my helpful helpers

So here's the actually garden, oh and that's right I have strawberries and a raspberry bush too!!!  
I know what you're thinking those aren't your normal garden tools.  But when you have works with a thick plastic (so we don't have to weed.)  You need to find different tools to work with.    The tools of choice are a hammer and a hole know what you put on the end of a drill to drill holes in lumber.

It made the prefect hole to place the plant into.

So that's it for now...I'm sure there will be many more post about the garden in the future. :)