Monday, March 14, 2011

twice blessed!!!!

This past week has been a week on celebrations; the twins are their birthday.  They were so excited to have their birthdays this year.  I think the anticipation of the birthday was more exciting than the actually birthday.  Their birthday was on March 8 and they wanted cupcakes made for a treat for the class, so Monday night was spent making and frosting cupcakes.  I dropped them off at school when I brought Connor to preschool.  On Tuesday night, they got to pick a restaurant to eat at...Pizza Hut was the winner.  

They had to wait until Saturday night to finally have their party with Grandpas and Grandmas.  

Mom made them pose with their presents before they started ripping the presents open

They received a Bible with their name on it from G & G Geerlings...there was even a surprise of $ inside the Bible.

From Mom and Dad they got a bookmark with a digital timer on it, a sticker book and a new wii game.

And G & G Van Dam gave them a new webkinz and some more $...they already traded the webkinz.
Finally it was time for cake and ice cream...not sure why Austin looks so bummed.

Happy Birthday Boys!!!  Mom and Dad are so proud of you.  

(I want to give a shout out to Nat for helping me make the birthday party special by making the cupcake toppers, water bottle wrappers and the sign.  THANKS A TON!!!!!)