Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road Trip

Well, it's spring break here in Michigan and to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to having to entertain the kids for 7 days while school was closed.  But I spent much time asking God for tons of patience and for the boys to be nice to each other and so far it's not as bad as I anticipated.  

So Friday was their first day with no school and some of friends had previously visited the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL and really enjoyed it.  So, what the heck, we headed out after Connor's eye doc appt Friday afternoon.  The drive was going great until Mike forgot to set the GPS to avoid toll roads and we hit Chicago at 6 pm on a Friday night.  I actually had Lucas crying in the backseat because he was afraid on the traffic and wanted to go back home...that's when the built in DVD player came in handy.  First the noise level in the van went from 10 to almost a 1 with an occasional burst of laughter and it took Lucas' mind off the roads.  

Finally about 8 pm we arrived at our hotel room.  Mike dropped me, Brendan and Connor off to check in and head up to the room, while He and the twins went looking for ice cream.   The room was small but I guess that's what you get when you try to cram 6 people into a hotel room built for 4 people.  But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when you're dutch.  Soon after indulging on the ice cream and watching some TV the boys settled down and were soon fast to sleep.

The hotel beds slept good that night and with the boys stirring at 6am there were no signs of sleeping in.  So we hung around in the room while Mike  ran out for a latte from Starbucks for me.   What a treat it was!!!!  After during breakfast in two shifts and some more TV in the hotel room we finally headed out to the van to head over to Legoland.  The boys are beyond excited.  

We arrived at Legoland a few minutes later to be greeted by a long line of other lego enthusiasts and their parents.  So we joined them at the end of the line and waited until it was our turn to head inside.

Finally we were inside, and the first thing we saw was a mini replica for downtown Chicago.

Farther along we saw many more things ...

Then we waited in another line for the dragontale ride.

Then we headed to the 4D movie that lasts a ton of 10 minutes and there was a bonus...we got wet.
and then another line for another ride...good thing the lines were short.

Then we stopped for lunch while we waited for our reserved time in the workshop.
then off to the workshop we went...the boys got to build an airplane.

then We headed down to the retail shop which is what Austin was most looking forward to...he had extra birthday money that he still needed to spend.  The new legos were all built by the time the boys went to bed that night.  It's been kinda nice have new toys in the house that they can all play with together.  So far it's been keeping them from ripping each others heads off.
  All in all is was a good road trip.