Wednesday, April 27, 2011

worms, soccer, and derby cars

Connor found a new friend at the soccer game on Saturday....Wormy the worm.  He so badly want to take the worm home and keep it as a pet.  

He did a great job care for it, until he dropped it and the worm tried to escape into the ground, that's then the worm became two worms...and Connor no longer wanted Wormy as a friend.

Saturday was the boys' second soccer game of the spring.  All the game have been cold and rainy so far, but the boys are having fun and that's what counts, right???  This week the soccer fields were a muddy mess and the uniforms, OMW...yellow and light gray are not good colors when they get full of mud.

Derby Cars
This is Brendan's first year in Cadets at church.  He loves it!!!!  The monday night meetings, the badges, the campouts with Mike, the inside wall climbing, and the most excited part was the pinewood derby car race....and that was last night.

He was a little bummed he didn't win any of his races, but glad he didn't lose them all either.  There is differently room for improved but that good because he got a few more years in cadets.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.