Saturday, February 18, 2012

Florida: day 1 Legoland

Well, I'm finally getting around to documenting our trip to the land of MAGIC, BRICKS, & SUN  aka Florida.  We had a great time, definitely busy but lots of fun and tons of memories were made.  We left two weeks ago yesterday, Feb 3 after the boys got out of school and drove until we got to Florida only stopping for supper and gas.  Yes I know we are diehards when it comes to extra potty stops, and I made the boys eat their breakfast (a cup of cereal and fruit) in the car.  Mike drove the whole way except for a 2 hour break from 6-8am on Saturday morning.  We arrived shortly after lunchtime.  The rest of the day was spent laying low, swimming, getting things organized in the condo and getting groceries.  The boys were in bed before 8pm and Mike & I both dozed off in front of the TV before our pizza was delivered.

On Sunday, we headed to Legoland...what a cool place.  The boys LOVED it.  

One of the first things we did was get the boys all a mini-figure to trade.  It's kinda like the pin trading at Disney.  If you see an employee of Legoland with a mini figure that you like better than your's, you can ask to trade.  Only two of the boys did any trading...Brendan had the opera singer and traded that as soon as he possible could. :)

Connor was pretty much terrified on this hopper's one of those that jumps up and down on a pole.  But he made it through it, but definitely didn't want to do it a second time.

The favorite ride of the majority of the family was the old wooden coaster.  Although when asked if he wanted to go again, Lucas quickly declined and that didn't shock us one bit.

Connor found this dog and just needed to have his picture with it.  That boys loved his puppies.
Mike and three of the boys driving some boats...Austin is not ready for the road yet.
The boys standing in front of a real size Ford Explorer made out of Legos...quite impressive
The boys all went to driving school, where they learned about right a ways, stop signs, turn signals, and much more and than had to go practice them...they all pass and get a driver's license...I know, scary!!!!
Austin, driver #28
Brendan, driver #9
Lucas, driver #20
Connor, driver #10

After a couple more coasters, a couple of the boys were done...Austin had a headache, Connor was tired and Lucas, well, he just didn't know anymore (that's he's new thing "I just don't know"... no more "Seriously!!!").  So just Mike and Brendan the last roller coaster. Yes that's Mike with his hands in the air and Brendan's right next to him.

The last thing we did before leaving was head to the BIG shop.  The boys didn't know where to start...there were so many things that they wanted.  So after lots of decision making and recalculating their money, we headed to the checkout.  Only to find out that the BIG shop couldn't except their gift cards.  WHAT a BUMMER!!!!  We left the well thought out souvenirs on the counter and walked out of the store with 3 very puzzled of them on the verge of tears.  Once outside, we tried to explain that situation and told them we could get their legos at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney the next day.