Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Florida: day 2 pool & day 3 Magic Kingdom

The next day in Florida we spent by the pool.  The weather so pretty good that day - mostly sunny and mid 70's.  The boys kept Mike and I busy going from one area of the pool to another area and then to a completely different pool all together.  We had a great day just laying low and enjoying each others company.  When the boys finally had enough of the pool, we headed back to the condo for supper and then we went to Downtown Disney for those much promised souviners. 

A & L with their treasured purchases
waiting for our icecream at Ghardelli

On Tuesday, we went to Magic Kingdom!!!!  It's the first time for the boys at Disney World and boy, were they excited.    Here's just a few highlights of our day.

We had a family picture in front of Cinderella's Castle
We rode a magic carpet...and loved pushing the fly button
We met Goofy the Pirate.
We watched Mickey & Minnie sing and dance
We rode the "it's a small world" ride
We got mad when we were put on dad's shoulder to watch the parade
We spotted Pluto in the parade...he was a favorite for one member in our family
We rode the Mad Tea Cups...a couple times
We met Buzz Lightyear and really liked the fact that he used a stamp for his autograph.
We saw Cinderella's Castle at night time.
We ate more ice cream.
We had a great couple of days!!!!