Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 4 & 5: Go-karting, Gators, & Animal Kingdom

I'm back with another post from our Florida trip.  On Wednesday, we spent the day at the pools by the resort.  The boys spent a lot of time trying to drown each other in the was a great day.  We left the pools late afternoon, and headed out for pizza and then to Kissimmee Go-Karts for the almost mile long go-kart track, gator feeding and the arcade.  

The gators must have been well feed because Mike and the boys would dangle some food in front of them...hit the gators in the face with the feed.  Nothing would make the gators go away the feed...good thing it came as package deal, because the gator feeding was not worth it.

After the gators, we headed for the race track.  This was a time when we wished the boys were tall for their age.  None of them could ride on their own on the big track so Mike and I took turns driving around the track with the boys.

 Then the boys went to the kiddie track.  Here the boys had a BLAST!!!!!  Even Connor seemed to be a pro on the track...he was just a little short so he had a pillow behind him in the seat, which kept popping upward and then he was struggle to keep his foot on the pedal.

 Finally we hit the arcade hard...we had lots of token to use and we used every single of them plus the extras a few golfer gave the boys.  The boys got some nice crap prizes from the tickets.

Thursday was our last full day in Florida and we made the best of it.  We spent the day at Animal Kingdom.  The boys loved seeing all the real animals.

 Mike got picked on at the Festival of the Lion King.  He had to snort like a warthog for the crowd.  I must say he was a good sport and did a great job.

 the monkeys were one of the boys' favorite parts of the show.

 Meeting Mickey...Austin's favorite
 meeting favorite
 Meeting Chip and Dale
 Meeting Donald Duck
 Later we went of the Safari

 Meeting Meeko

 Expedition Everest...The was mixed emotions about this ride.  There was two boys that were SOOOO EXCITED for this ride, one that didn't really care and one that was crying the minute the mountain came into his view. 
 We saw Finding Nemo...I really liked that show

 We watched another first I had a great spot for pictures and then everyone came closer and closer and soon my view was gone :(

We ended the day with Bug's Life and a visit to the Tree of Life.  It was a great day and we were all wiped out by the time the park closed.  

Good Times!!!!  

Great Memories!!!!