Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Party #2

The twins were so excited for dad to come home last Friday night, because that meant they would be getting their bday gifts from us. On Saturday, I spent the day emptying Mike's suitcase, upload pictures and making food for the party.  The boys requested Stromboli and pizza puffs and I made an  angry birds cake.
 I made them take a nice picture before's not an easy thing to do.
 the cake
 the bday boys with the cake

 the bday boys with the cake with lit candles
 blowing out the candles
 more blowing,
 more blowing,
 and more blowing...are you sure they're out??

 coming up for a breath.

After we took pictures of the cake, Brendan started the scavenger hunt that he had spent the day making for the twins.  
 ripping open the first clue
  Clue #1:  "Where there is books, you will find the next clue.  Make sure you look in every book."
 Off to the bookcases they go...
 Austin found the clue!!!!
 Clue #2:  "In a wallet you are sure to find your next clue.  If you know where your wallets are.  Good Luck!"
 The wallets were quickly found and so was the next clue.  Which I can't find anymore, but it said something about the next clue would be in a tree.  So the twinners got on their flip flops and headed outside.
 and seeing how they only ever play in this one tree, that's the one they went to, and sure enough there was the clue.
 Reading the next clue...again don't know where that clue went but they needed to find the next clue in the sand  so off to the sandbox they went.

 Found it!!!
 Reading the clue again...
 back in the house to found the next clue under a TV.
 Clue:  " Ha!! Ha!!! We fooled you.  (Brendan wrapped up a piece of wooden as a gift)  In a door that is white you will find your next clue."  

A white door!?!?!  does my child not realize that all the doors in our house are white...but there must be a  special connection with the boys because the twins ran right up to the right door on the first try.  Crazy!!!

 One more picture for mom
 What did you get????  Ah, a much wanted DS!!!!
  SO Excited!!!!

 Happy 8th Birthday Boys!!!