Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun Times with Great Friends

Yesterday we got back from a jam packed weekend of fun times with great friends.  We headed up north to Great Wolf Lodge on Friday.  We decided to leave right from school after seeing the weather forecast for upwards of 15 inches in the Traverse City area.  We made it to Cadillac before we head any precipitation...then it was a slow go until we made it to the lodge.

We woke up Saturday morning to lots of snow...

 We spent lots of time at the waterpark...I guess that's understandable seeing how that's what GWL is all about.

 Saturday night we gathered for pizza,

 then we celebrated the March birthdays with are 3 of the birthday peoples

 Sunday morning, we went across the street to Flap Jack for small feat for a group of 28 people.

 Just before we left, we had to take a couple mandatory pictures.

We had a great time, great fellowship and made tons of new memories.  Can't wait to see what next for our group.  :)