Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Parties

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to post pics of Brendan's Birthday parties.

First we have some pictures of Brendan decorating scupcakes for the class treat. He first asked for Christmas Cookies, but unfortunately I didn't have time to make them. After he decided chez it's were the next best thing, I suggested cupcakes and he thought that would be okay.

I'm not sure what was goin on during the taking of this pictures. I thought is was funny looking.
evidence that someone was trying to get a cupcake when mom wasn't looking. Can you guess who?

On Brendan's birth day we had a small celebration at home with just our family. I made homemade chicken strips and potato wedges per Brendan's request. After dinner we tried watching Madagascar, but the DVD had too many scratches on it, so we had Brendan open his gifts. I think he liked that box as much as what was in it.
Two new webkinz: King the Lion (because lions are the king of the jungle) and Max the husky lil kinz (i'm not sure where that name came from)
A new coloring/activity book of horses. Brendan loves horses.

Happy Birthday, Brendan!!!!
Blowing out the candles
Enjoyin his cupcake

Then on Thursday night, before the school program we celebrated Brendan's birthday with his grandpas and gramas. We met at Monterey Grille in Caledonia for supper. After we ordered dinner, Brendan opened his gifts from the grandparents.

From Grandpa and Grandma Van Dam, Brendan got a book about wild animals and a wrist watch. He loves to wear the watch so he can check the time.
From Grandpa and Grandma Geerlings, Brendan got a His Kids Radio.
All in all, I thinking Brendan had a great birthday....until next year.