Sunday, December 21, 2008

VanDam Christmas Party

Last night, we have our first Christmas party of the year. We started off the night with sledding. Grandpa made a big pile of snow for the sledding. It was great!!!! Uncle Dave took his snowmoblie along too, so Brendan and Morgan got to ride in the sled behind the snowmoblie. At the first turn they had already fallin off. But it was a big hit according to Brendan.

After sledding Grandma put together a great supper of ham, potatoes, veggie casserole, corn, applesauce and homemade rolls. Yummy!!!! Then Grandpa had to show the kids his new toy....a christmas train. The boys are really going to be disapointed when grandpa puts the train away.
Next came the stockings, which were filled with gift cards to pizza hut and The Village Dipper, a ornament, and candy.

Everyone was so excited to get their stocking and start opening presents except for Connor. He still really wanted nothing to do with any of his gift except for a chocolate bar that was in his stocking.

Brendan in his new pj's that Grandma made for him.