Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dutch Village

Last Wednesday, Brendan and his class headed to Holland for a visit to Dutch Village.  It was a beautiful day for a Field trip....oh wait a minute, that's wasn't the beautiful sunny day that we had this week.  Actually it down poured.  There wasn't any outside pictures by the Tulips, or the wooden shoe slide, or the horse statues.  Instead we ran from building to building to keep from getting too wet.  

We learned about Delft Pottery, cheese making, wooden shoes; both why they wore wooden shoes and how they were made.  We also saw a couple ladies making some amazing candles...truly a work of art.

Plus we saw some Klompen Dancers and get to learn a dance...definitely not the same that I did as a Dutch Dancer in high school and beyond, but non the less it was still neat to watch them.  Check out this video of Brendan dancing.