Friday, May 20, 2011

Fresh Country Smells

Those were the smells that were smelt during Connor's last field trip yesterday.  Of course being a country girl myself, I didn't really notice the smell until we got to the pigs...not to fond of  it.    The field trip was at a classmate's farm, Ridgeview Farms.  It was tons of fun, but once again Connor had a "I could care less" attitude and kept running off with Nolan (who had a "this is boring, I already know everything about the farm" attitude.)

We saw goats & chickens by the house, then we headed across the road to the barns where we saw the cows, a massive bull, lambs and pigs.  

After seeing all the animals we went back inside the barns, where the kids planting seeds, either veggies or flowers.  Connor was actually interested in getting his hand dirty and planted some lettuce.  Hopefully it will grow and I can put it in my garden. 

Finally we had a big cookout and the kids played on the play set.

What a fun day!!!