Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soarin' high in the clouds

Yesterday I experience another first...I went flying with my dad as the pilot.  It was so different from any other flight I have taken before.  We took off at Tulip City Airport where my dad stores his plane and headed east towards Hastings.  As we flew it was so fun to recognize so many different buildings, houses and landmarks.  The last thing that we flew over before headed back to the ground was the farm in Freeport and our house.

My pilot for my short flight AKA my dad

taking off at Tulip City airport

the farm

our house...it's good to know that you can't see how long our grass is or how many weeds are in my gardens from up here.

another view of the farm

heading in to Hastings Airport

almost back on the ground

After we landed my dad took 3 of the boys on the shortest flight possible...I don't think they were up in the air for more than 5 minutes, but the boys LOVED it.  Thank You Grandpa!!!!!

Brendan as a hands off co-pilot.

taxiing out to the grass runaway

Grandpa and the boys