Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 Separate Mini Vacations end at the Beach

Well this last couple days were filled with mini vacations for the whole family.  Never of us went too far from home but none the less we all had a good time.

The Boys' Vacation
My mom so graciously had all four of the boys over at her house for 2 days and 2 nights.  They haven't spent much time at Grandma's house lately so my mom being the person that she is, made sure they got to spend some quality time with her.  So Wednesday night after the family dinner where we celebrated 5 August birthday, the boys headed home with G & G.  (I really enjoyed the quiet and peaceful ride from Holland to home.)  On Thursday, the boy entertained my niece and playing with Grandma's toys (I still wonder why Grandma's toys are so much better than our...the boys never play with the toys here?)  Then late afternoon they headed to Zeeland stopping to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Lucas and Grandma Skip.  Next it was off to Subway to pick up food and then off to Timber Town...a huge wooden playground the boys had been begging to go to.  Then to was to the Village dipper for ice cream and finally a stop at Grandma and Grandpa Van Dam's what a busy day.  The boys crashed with the got home, only to be up again at 6:30 the next morning. 

On Friday, Grandma and the kid hung out around the house.  Brendan got paid for doing some chores around the house...grandma's pays much better than mom does. Then they headed to the beach...

My Vacation
It started Wednesday night when Mike and I left mom and dad's house.  Not often do we get to ride in the van for a hour with no kids...peace and quiet.  Thursday morning started with a quick haircut and then I headed to my SIL's house.  We were spending to day together.  It was first planned to head to South Haven to spend the day walking through the shops, but instead we ended up in Saugatuck.  It was great I didn't have to watch out for 8 little hands touching everything in sight.  We didn't get a lot...I got a new cheap pair of purple sunglasses, a necklace and bracelet, a ring, and 2 bottles of wine...Yes you read that right.  We even got to do some complementary wine tasting - Fenn Valley and Tabor Hill.  I'm not a huge wine person but I got a dessert wine from Fenn Valley that's to die for...

Once we were done shopping we returned to Jodi's house and hung out...feed & played with her animals, well that was more Jodi and not so much me, had dinner, I redecorated her house, and then we settled in for a movie and wine.

On Friday we started the day very slow and finally headed to Holland around noon to run some errand.  Then I headed to the beach....

Mike's Vacation
I will start off by saying I don't know many details of Mike's vacation but here's what I do know.  One of the feed company's that the farm works closely with invited Mike and my dad to a morning of Charter Fishing.  In the past when Mike's been invited to these things they are usually local but this one was up-north.  So Thursday night Mike and my dad headed up to Ludington...that's where their hotel was.  I do know there was a Euchre tournament, dinner and a cash bar for them that night.  On Friday they were up bright and early...breakfast was at 4 am and then they drove up to Manistee for the fishing.  There were 7 boats with a total of 35 guys....37 fish were caught.  Mike caught two and so did my dad.  Then they headed to the beach....

The Beach
We all ended our vacations with dinner at Holland State Park...I needed to get the boys from my Mom anyway and we missed out on being at the Beach earlier in the week because it was too cold.  
After a dinner a subs from Subway, grapes, and Sun chips;  I just had to get my camera and get so pictures of the boys by the lighthouse and on the beach...luckily they didn't mind it that night.

We all had a great time  and can't wait for our next adventure...which begins tomorrow. :) 
I better get packin'