Monday, August 1, 2011


It's already August...I can't believe how fast the summer is going!!!!  Here's some highlights of our July

The boys loved going biking while we were camping.  Of course we didn't ever get very far because someone always gets tired and we have to make lots of stops.  Here we are stopping at the fishing dock at Gun Lake

While we were camping with Mike's family earlier this month, I ended up with Pneumonia.  I wasn't feeling very well and ended up sleeping for 40 hours straight...I know, right?!?!?!  Then I couldn't sleep for the next 24 hour.  I had fever, chills, not hungry, and very tired... then a few days later the cough starts.  I headed to the ER and after tons of tests (blood tests, x ray, CT scan, oxygen level tests, and much more) it was confirmed that it was pneumonia.  I am finally starting to feeling better and an back to normal activity.

We've done lots of camping this past month.  First time was with Mike's family and then again for our small group.  The kids had lots of fun digging holes in the sand, building castles, making pools of water, and so on.

There's nothing more surprising than when you step out of the camper in the morning than to see your stuff floating around the campsite.  I can say I didn't have it so bad...our friends' lots were so much worse. I believe Mike said we got 6.5" in a couple days. YUCKS!!!  But the kids had fun playing in the water despite our (the moms) worries of electrical cords in the water.

Oh the kids asked begged us to go to the candy store. Finally on Saturday morning we biked the 2 minute ride to the candy so the kids could get as much as candy they had money for.  They were so excited.

I need to give a shout out to my husband for the patience that he had to take the boys fishing.  It requires a very patience person to take four boys fishing.  A person who is willing to continual put worms on hooks, untangle lines, and take fish off the hooks when they finally do catch a fish.

Major Repairs come in sets of 3, right?
Oh this past month has been full of major repairs in our household.  First it was the air conditioner, then my washing machine, which is still not working tends to have a mind of it's own.  Working only when it wants to.  Finally it was my van.  First Mike thought it was a dead battery then it turns out today, we found out it's the wiring harness.  The mechanic is trying to find a used to help cut down the cost.  I'm hoping that all the repairs for a while

Good Friends
I thank God every day for the friends that we have.  They are a very special bunch of people that we love and appreciate so much.  But the picture is not really complete...we missed the Birds this past week.  Wish you guys could have been there with us.

Bee Stings
Connor was stung by a bee and he wanted me to take a picture of the spot where he was stung so he could see it.   Silly boy!!!

Ice Cream
and of course we just had to go out for some ice cream while camping.  We made the big trip to the Curly Cone for ice cream cones, sundaes, and flurrys.

Campfires & Smores
Finally what is camping without campfires and smores.  On Saturday night after our trip to the curly cone, the kids also had their fill of smores.  There's nothing better than ice cream and smores all in one night...good times.