Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Visitor

If the 4th of July was busy enough, in the middle of the afternoon there was some banging on the front door. I ignored the first banging, but a second came and I thought that Brendan was trying to get in to use the bathroom or something, but the next hour was spent with the guy doing the door beating - the KIRBY vacuum rep.

You may be saying why did you let him in. Well, I guess I was feeling kind hearted or something. I only did it so he could get his points towards his trip to Puerto Rico. So, the whole demonstration began - showing me how much better his Kirby cleaned the carpet versus my 7 year dirt devil that truly needs replacing. Then he made a phone call to his boss who basically tried every possible way to get me to buy this Kirby. The price started at $260./month and I did work him down to $30./month for 3 years. There is no way I was going to pay for a vacuum for the next 3 years. He thought that maybe I could start clipping coupons and use the money I saved on the coupons towards the Kirby - my response: I purchase the meijer brand or walmart brand on as much stuff as I can and there's no coupons for the store brands. Then he asked if we drank alot of pop maybe we could use the can refund towards the Kirby - my response I already use this $ for a future 10 yr anniversary trip. Even if we did try that we would have to drink 10 plus cans of pop per day - I don't think so. He even went so far as to say that maybe we should sell a cow to buy the Kirby - I laughed.

I finally had to tell him that I only let them in the house because I felt like helping out Israel, the guy who did the demonstration, get credit for his trip to Puerto Rico and I no intentions of buying a Kirby. Needless to say the Kirby guy overstayed his welcome and made us late for our party at night. Who would have thought that we would get someone trying to sell a Kirby in Freeport!!!!! They should know better, nobody has money in Freeport. I wish there was a 'DO NOT VISIT' list I could put our name on that is similar to the "DO NOT CALL " list.