Saturday, July 28, 2007

John Ball Park Zoo

On Wednesday we had a family vacation day and we went to John Ball Zoo. The boys needed to get out and do something beside play in the backyard or at the park. So I got Mike to take the morning off and spent a little time with the family.

Brendan wanted to have his picture by the statue but the twins wanted nothing to do with it, so instead of having Luc crying on another photo, I just took it of Brendan.

Austin loved the little goats. They were about the same size as our cat "gato" which Austin is always carrying and throwing around. It very nice that the zoo lets with kids interact with the animals by getting into the pens with some of the animals.

Here are Luc and Austin looking at the Pink Flamingos

Brendan and Mike tried to get up close and personal with the Sting Rays, don't believe that they actually got to touch them though.

Here are the boys looking in on a parrot. I think if they could have gotten in every cage they would have. We had to keep telling the boys to get down.

This bear definitely had the right idea - soaking up the rays while keeping cool in a pool of water.

This is Daisy, a baby camel at the zoo. She was 5 months old and being halter trained so she could eventually give camel rides.

Brendan and I rode on the camel.

All and all I think the kids had a great day and I think Brendan thanked us about 20 times for taken them to the zoo. I wonder where our next adventure will be......