Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Missing out

I was thinking about the family fun we are missing out on this year by not camping. This is the first year after 5 years of camping at Oak Grove in Holland. My mom and dad sold their trailer for a boat, my brother and sister-in-law also decided to sell their trailer and we just don't fit into any "free" trailers anymore now that we have 4 kids.

We usually went the week over the 4th of July. We aren't the traditional campers. My mom and I needed to have a toilet in our trailers and a shower every day. For those of you who don't know, Oak Grove Campground is what I would call "high class" camping - no dirt included. Our sites were grass and tar. They had a swimming pool that was cleaned and maintained every day and we didn't have to deal with beach sand. The campground also had activities planned for the kids. The only downfall was that we couldn't have campfires on our camp sites. If you wanted to have a fire you needed to go to the community firepits or you have a camp in the back half on the campgrounds, but our trailers were too big to fit in the back half. The greatest part was we were close to the beach for the fireworks without having to battle all the cars.

Anyway here are some fun facts and tips for those of you that still go camping:

A potato baked in the coals for three hours makes an excellent hockey puck.

If you like to sit outside eating bananas in your favorite blue shirt, you're about to become a mosquito's best friend. They're twice as attracted to blue than any other color and appear to love people who've just eaten bananas.
Source: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2001 Summer In America

Flies or bees bothering you? Spray them with hairspray and they will take a quick dive.


Spray your garbage and trash with ammonia to keep the animals away.
Sleeping bags reflect body heat back to you.You can reflect the most body heat by sleeping naked!


16 Steps to Build a Campfire
1. Split dead limb into fragments and shave one fragment into slivers.
2. Bandage left thumb.
3. Chop other fragments into smaller fragments.
4. Bandage left foot.
5. Make structure of slivers (include those embedded in hand.)
6. Light Match
7. Light Match
8. Repeat "a Scout is cheerful" and light match.
9. Apply match to slivers, add wood fragments, and blow gently into base of fire.
10. Apply burn ointment to nose.
11. When fire is burning, collect more wood.
12. Upon discovering that fire has gone out while out searching for more wood, soak wood from can labeled "kerosene."
13. Treat face and arms for second-degree burns.
14. Re-label can to read "gasoline."
15. When fire is burning well, add all remaining firewood.
16. When thunder storm has passed, repeat steps.

I hope you enjoyed this camping humor!!!!