Saturday, July 21, 2007

Naughty's at it again.....

Here's the latest stunt that Austin did. Earlier this afternoon I had gotten a fruit platter ready for the park party we had tonight. I had cut up half of a watermelon and couldn't get the other half in the fridge so I just saran wrapped it and thought I would put in the fridge when I took the fruit platter out when we left.

So after Austin got up from a nap he didn't take, he decided to get his own snack - the watermelon. I was busy sewing on the other side of the house when I heard Austin crying. Austin came running into the sewing room with blood on his finger and smelling like watermelon.

I went to investigate and saw the he had been cutting the watermelon with a Cutco knife. I was thankful that the cut wasn't any bigger than it was, because with the knife he was using, things could have been a lot worse. Here's the watermelon after Austin had his way with it.