Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canning Season is Offically over at the Van Dam Household

Okay so I am offically sick of canning and freezing food. I still have plenty of tomatoes coming, but I will either be giving them away or throwing them in the field. Here's the load down on what in the freezer and on the shelf in the basement (or someone else's shelf)

First the freezer stuff:
3 batches of Strawberry Jam
3 more batches of Strawberry Jame that didn't set. (It works great for Strawberry Lemonade)
1 batch of Peach Jam
8 bags of frozen corn
6 bags of frozen peaches
Misc bags of frozen chopped onions and chopped green peppers

Now the canned goods:
24 quarts of mixed green/yellow beans
22 pints of spaghetti sauce
30 quarts of peaches
22 pints of peaches
8 quarts of salsa
95 pints of salsa (already given 36 pints away)

I know I planted a few too many tomatoes plants, otherwise I think we did okay. I wish I had more corn in the freezer, but the corn just didn't want to grow this year. So until next we will be enjoyed my past few weeks of labor.