Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dairy Discovery at Swisslane

Saturday night we were invited to Swisslane's Neighborhood Party. For those of you who don't know Swisslane is a Dairy Farm that located just down the road from us. We arrived around 6:00. We first had supper; Pork BBQ sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, watermelon, chips & JD fruit snacks for the boys. The food was so good, definitely will need to go back next year.

After dinner, we went on a guided tour of their farm. So you may be thinking, why would we go on a tour of a farm seeing how we leave on a farm. Well, we did it for the boys, do you know I don't have any pictures of Austin, Lucas or Connor by any cows. I don't think the twins or Connor have ever been inside the cow barns. I think it was exciting for the boys to see inside the milking parlor and to see how close they could get to a cow. After the tour, Mike took the boys on a hayride and then we had ice cream. Over all is was a fun night.
If any one is interested is visiting, Swisslane has what they call Dairy Discovery tours. Mostly they do this for school groups, but on Oct 18 and Oct 25 they are having Family Days and you can go and visit their farm. For more information see their website.

The twins getting a upclose look at how they milk the cows.

Lucas trying the hand feed the cows their feed, a couple brave cows came pretty close until the flash went off on the camera.
Connor letting the baby calf lick his hand
Austin by the cows
Brendan checking out the calves

Lucas keeping his distance from these cows

Connor getting friendly with the farm dog

so friendly, that the dog finished up Connor's ice cream cone.