Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freeport Fun Day by Brendan

A few days ago, Mom and Dad took us to Freeport Fun Day. Mom let me take my camera with me and I took lots of pictures. When we first got into Freeport, we walked down the street and saw lots of old cars and motorcycles. Dad said they weren't all old, here are some of my favorites:
the best motorcycle
I liked this car because it was yellow
here's the best huge truck
Here I took a picture of the stop sign

I didn't get the whole truck in this picture, because I liked the dog. I think is was an old milk delivery truck.

After we saw the old cars and truck, we went to the playground for a while.

There was a boat in the playground,
and an old tractor tire,
and an old truck.
At 12:00, my brothers Austin and Lucas and I got to be in a pedal tractor pull. My mom took these pictures of each of us pulling
Here's Austin, he pulled around 13 feet
Lucas pulled around 11 feet
And I pulled the farthest 18 feet, but I didn't win any ribbons, maybe next year.
After that we went home for lunch, but first daddy needs to stop by the farm and I took some more pictures while I was waiting.
Here's Brownie, he's a Puma. I really like him.