Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Binder Park Zoo September 2011

On September 28, The twins and two of their friends jumped into the van all excited about going to Binder Park Zoo.  We also had the extra special rider...Mr Kelder, their teacher.   After about a hour of four boys laughed like girls and talking over each other, we arrived.  We started the day by seeing some animals up close...the kids even got to pet a turtle. 

After we finished in the zoo's classroom we headed to Africa....that's right we rode on the tram all the way to Africa.  The biggest disappointment of the day was it was too cold for the giraffes...they are such babies.  So we didn't get to feed them, which BTW is the best part of Binder Park Zoo.    All in all it was a great day...the rain stop just in time for the field trip to start and started again once we got back to school. So thankful I got to hang out with my boys, their friends, and their teacher.