Tuesday, October 4, 2011

first field trip of the 2011-2012 school year

On September 23, Connor's kindergarten class had their first field trip of the school year.  It was one of those morning were you really don't know how to dress your kid....the air was cold but the sun was warm.   We headed out about 8:10, with all the kindergartens and most of the parents of one bus...51 kindergartens to be exact.  I quickly volunteered to drive a couple of the extra moms in the minivan :)  

The kindergartens have been learned about their 5 senses in school...taste, smell, touch, hear, and see ( just in case you had forgotten what your 5 senses were), so we going to Frederick Meijer Garden to visit their 5 senses garden.  Unfortunately, it was one of those days where Connor wanted nothing NOTHING to do with the garden.  He didn't want to TOUCH the lamb's ear leaves, he didn't want to HEAR the clanging of the xylophone,  He didn't want to SMELL the awful smell coming out of the nose sculpture, he just wanted everyone to SEE that he was  is stubborn and sometimes a pain in the butt.   (there wasn't really nothing he could TASTE).   It wasn't until he finally got to play in the Great Lakes that he was finally happy, and very wet. :)

All the kindergartens listening to to rules of the gardens

The class.

He did at one point humor me and stood by the tongue for a picture...

but he wasn't very happy when I made him go by the ear.

A little bit happier playing at the Treehouse.

Running through the maze.
Finally playing in the "Great Lakes".

Having a snack with his BFF just before heading back to school