Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Math

One of the many fun things that our boys have done in kindergarten is Pumpkin Math.  It's a math lesson where a bunch of us moms come into the classroom with some pumpkins and the kindergartens done math...estimating and then actually counting by 1's and 10's.  Seriously when did kindergarten become so advanced; I think I just learned numbers and what order they went in when I was in kindergarten. 

The group is going through their booklets doing their estimating. 

Writing down his estimate 

Look at all those seeds!!!  How many do you think there are??? 

Just one posed picture for mom 

 Connor's group gone done early so their carved their pumpkin.

"I said only ONE posed picture, mom" 

"I'm not going to look at you, mom" 

Mrs. Boomsma reading a story to finish the school day.  Love this teacher!!!!