Thursday, October 6, 2011

T-shirt Blankets

This past summer, my wonderful SIL wondered if I would help her made a blanket out of all her old t shirts and sweatshirts from high school and college.  Having a creative mind and always wanting to try a new craft, I took on the challenge.  As we were making her blanket, an idea popped into my mind to doing the similar blanket out of Dutton Christian tees.

So I wrote a couple posts on the school's facebook page and in the school weekly newsletter asking parents to go through their kid's closets and donate their old DCS clothes.  The donations came in slowly but I finally got enough...enough to make TWO!!!

The best part is that I used them as part as the kindergarten class projects for the school's largest fundraiser, the Harvest Sale.  The harvest Sale (auction) was held last weekend, the blankets were bundled with a popcorn bowl, movie and the snacks...all the things needed for a great movie night.  I am proud to say that each blanket bought in $275.00 for the school.  

Thanks to the parents or grandparents who purchased the blankets!!!!