Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Neighborhood Party

So I'm finally getting around to updating my blog.  I tend to upload my pictures overnight and then forget to do a posting.  So travel back with me to September 10...almost a whole month ago.  One of the local farms puts on a Neighborhood night, where all the locals can come and eat dinner, walk through the baby calf barns, go on a hayride and learn about the modern day farm, play with the barn cats, and stand in a VERY long line for ice cream.  You may be thinking, why would we go???  Well,  I would have to say for the free food...mainly the ice cream  except this year we invited some friends along...some of our city friends :)  We had so much fun, the boys loved hanging with their friends, having the baby calves lick their hands and eating ice cream...are you getting the picture we like our ice cream in the VanDam household.