Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Birthday SURPRISE!!!!

So do you remember about a month ago and posted a bunch of pictures from all the twin's bday parties and wrote that there would probably wouldn't be anything on here about my birthday....well I lied.
I got quite the surprise, when Mike picked me up from Church after my GEMS meeting and headed out.  I wasn't in control and I didn't like the feeling.  There was no lie about where we were going.  There was no blindfold to see me from where we were going.  Mike just drove and didn't say anything until he drove into the parking lot at Sam's Joint in Alaska.  

I must say I have the best friends and hubby. They planned a party for Natalie and I...our birthdays are one day apart.

 I had so much fun. 
 I loved the party. 
I loved the party goers. 
I loved having cupcakes for MY birthday. 

Thanks to Michelle and Jamie for putting the party together.  Thanks to Mike for getting me and the boys to the party.  and Thanks to everyone who was at our party for celebrating our birthdays!!!