Sunday, May 20, 2012

Team Mrs. Bird's Friends on the Road

The maps were studied,
The teams were formed,
The directions are planned out,
The t-shirts were designed with pink and teal,
The team spents hours decorating the truck
and the day had finally come...
It was Road Rally day!!!!

and what a fun day it was.  The fourth graders at DCS did a unit in social studies about Kent's roads, natural landmarks, and more.  The boys had to map out a route through out the county and we(the parents) had to follow their directions for the different places.  At each place the boys and I got out and took a picture of the landmark.  Of course we had to make a couple of unplanned detours to the donut shop and to Speedway for a slushie. 

Brendan, Andrew and Austin by the truck before hitting the road. 

 The truck was even plastered with pictures of Mrs. Bird's Friends AKA the boys' moms plus Mrs. Bird
 Andrew and Brendan going over the map in the truck.
 Stopping along the way to observe a "Natural Beauty Road"
 Donuts...can't go on a road trip without some snacks!!!

at one of the stops the boys had to take a video.  They orginally wanted to video someone else hitting a golf ball, but no one was playing golf that day, so the boys asked the golf pro for a putter and a ball and headed out to the putting green to capture a video of each other hitting the ball.

 another detoured pitstop...SPeedway for slushies. 

after a long hot trip we stopped once again for some more fuel for the cream at Houseman's  Ice Cream in Bryon Center. 

What a day is was!!!! 
 Full of fun and food!!!! 
Can't wait for the next road rally in a couple years.