Saturday, May 12, 2012

Junior Riverbank Run

The past Wednesday, the boys ran the Junior Riverbank Run.  It's the kid's verison of the 53rd Riverbank Run here in Grand Rapids, MI.  By the way, Congratulations to all the runner who ran the 5k, 10k and 25k this year.  I really wanted to run the Riverbank run but I couldn't make it work in my schedule this year, but I going to run the 10k next year...I better keep training :)

Anyway, the boys had fun with the Junior run.  The older three boys did the one mile race, well actually Luc just kept on running and did 1 1/2 miles instead and Connor (and I) did the 1/2 mile ran.  It's so good for the boys to get out there and see them run.  And they are already excited about doing the junior jog that part of the Brian Diemer Run on June 9 (I'm running the 5k)

  before the race.

Way to go boys!!!! 
 Mom and Dad are so proud of the you.