Friday, November 16, 2007

Mike's Christmas Present

I decided to get Mike an ipod for christmas. So I went surfing on ebay, my favorite online site, to get one for him (It was no surprise for him.) Anyway I bid on one and won it. It was a great price but the listing really didn't indicate what the color was. It showed a picture of a white one, but the small print under the photo said "it may vary for photo"

So the color was going to be a suspense. Well a few days later, I got a phone call from Mike
Mike: You want to hear about my laugh of the day
me: sure
Mike: I got my christmas present today
me: Oh you did, from who???
Mike: From you. I got my ipod. Guess what color it is???
me: what?

Mike: hot pink

I busted out laughing. Of course the listing as an AS IS or refunds. So what do I do with a hot pink ipod when you have all boys!!!! I already have one.

That's when ebay comes back into the picture. I relisted it 4 days ago and I received an additional $40 on top of what I paid for it. That was easy money.