Friday, November 9, 2007

What's on your purse?????

Did any of you see Ray Rachel Show the other day?
There was a segment on germs invading the purse.
On the Show there was Liza, a self-proclaimed germophobe who’s careful about everything her children touch. “I hope and think we’re one of the most germ-free families around,” declares the mother of four, who has them using anti-bacterial scrub multiple times a day. But, as Liza teaches them to avoid germs, she’s overlooking a major offender. “If most women knew what was growing on their purse they’d probably throw it away,” says Connie Morbach, a scientist and germ expert.
In fact, after examining Liza's purse in a lab, Connie reveals: “I’m sorry liza. This was probably the worst purse I’ve ever tested.”
Traces found on the purse included: Pantoea, E.Coli, Yeast, Staphylococcus

But, she adds, “There are things we can do.”
Keep purses off the floor, Carry a Purse hook, Use anti-bacterial wipes on leather bags and for cloth purses she suggests using Febreze antimicrobial spray but says the best approach is to wash your bag.
This really grossed me out!!!!! I didn't really think that all those germs could grow on my purse. I try so hard to kill the germs around the house, to try and keep the boys healthy, but I guess I need to be aware of where germs can grow.