Sunday, November 11, 2007

Take a Fresh Look at Clean

Last night Brendan and I went the Big-K in Hastings to get some items for the Operation Christmas Child Project that his sunday school class is working on. We needed to get a bar of soap. I usually don't buy soap bars anymore and unfortunately I couldn't get just one. So there was an extra bar sitting around the house.

NOW the story gets interesting, this afternoon, Connor got ahold of that bar of soap and decided to take a big bite out of it!!!! At first Mike and I were shocked and just laughed at him, then he start spitting out bits and pieces of soap. Then he started blowing bubbles --- just kidding. Actually, Connor threw up on Mike.

I looked up Ivory soap online after Mike had asked me if ivory soap was made by Dove. (He thought I could title this blog "A new type of Dove Bar") I saw some amazing carving that were made out of bars of soap. Take a look for yourself:

This being said I think I should start "The Stunt of the Week" with my boys. There is usually something that happens over the course the week that would be worth mentioning. So hopefully my boys will live up to this and I can keep you all entertained.