Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tonight's Drama

So what do you get when you have a kid running around the house with a blanket over his head?????
Well, that would be a five year old with a wide gash in the forehead and blood everywhere.

Today was a quiet day for the most part when it came to the boys, so I knew something would happen sooner or later. When Mike got home from work all the boys ran into the room to say "Hi" to him. Then they usually go back into the playroom, but not tonight....

Tonight, Brendan started crying. I didn't think to much of it (my boys will cry for a short while and then continue playing without needing me.), then Brendan started scream really loud, so I dropped my sewing(which I have plenty of) and found him with blood pouring out of his forehead. Okay, maybe it wasn't pouring, but it was dripping very quickly. So I yelled at Mike and had him take over. I'm not very logical in these situations, I always think it's alot worst than it is.

So to make the long story a bit shorter. Mike and I butterflyed the gash so we could have supper and then Mike took Brendan to Urgent Care. I talked with Mike about a hour ago, and he said that Brendan needed some stitches. They still aren't home, so I don't know how he did at Urgent Care. I will update with photo later.