Monday, September 14, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Halloween?

We had a first yesterday,  we took the boys to a cross cultural birthday party.  One of Mike's employees, Manuel had a birthday party for his daughter Stephany.  It was a little awkward seeing how we were the ones who weren't Mexican and didn't speak fluent Spanish.  It was good for the boys, to see that different people eat different foods, speak different languages, and celebrate birthday in different ways.

Now to the title of this post.  We came home with as much candy as we do at Halloween.  We arrived at the party and were waited on hand and foot.  Manuel quickly cleared a table for us to sit at.  He got us beverages and then continues to serve us our food (I was served first!!! It's was great being the only lady in the family.)  The food was very tasty, spicy at the same time and this time Mike didn't get sick on the food.  

After dinner, Manuel started setting up the first piñata, yes I did say the right, the first of FIVE piñatas.  OMG!!!  Five piñatas, and the way it started off with the little kids hitting the piñata, Mike and I began to understand why Mexican can party a long time.  I think kids were banging on the piñata for about 30 minutes before the piñata fell off the rope, it still wasn't broken.  Thankfully Manuel broke it open and throw the candy at the kids and they started on the second one.  Well, soon the second piñata was also broken apart and then it was time for us to go...that 8:00 o'clock came too quickly.

After say thanks for the invite and food, the boys were given party favors that were stuffed full with more candy.
our loot
Hot and salted pulp candy - It's candy suppose to be sweet and sugary?
Mike thought this one was's a sucker that looks like a chicken on a stick.  We tried this one, not what you would think of when you think sucker.  This was salty, not my favorite 

Here we have three suckers on one stick.  How does a kid eat the third sucker without gagging themselves with the stick?

Genie fortune teller sucker?
and there were a couple familiar "American" candy
and finally Mike's all time favorite candy bar.

All in all is was a great experience for our family.  Of course we had to almost force a couple of the boys to eat some food, and Brendan tried to keep impressing Manuel with the little bit of Spanish he knew and he kept "thinking" out loud...saying things that you would only think.  But it was fun.  

until our next adventure...