Monday, September 7, 2009

Picking Blueberries

This morning, Brendan kept asking what we're going to do today.  He came up with all these great ideas - play with his remote control car, go to the children's museum, the list went on and on. Well, mom and dad didn't really take a liking his ideas, instead we headed to the blueberry fields.
This past spring (I think), my dad planted 20 acres of blueberry bushes, and although they are still small, we wanted to take advantage of free fruit.
Connor wanted to show me how many berries he and I had picked so far.
Lucas was a really hard worker - I think he picked the entire time we were out there today.  Although, I  think his mouth was moving faster than his hands.  I pity his teacher
Connor was upset when he stepped into the mud and got his flip flops all dirty - it's a good thing that summer is almost over, those are the sandals he wears to church.
Brendan lying around between the berry bushes.

Connor AKA buttons
At this bush, Connor finally realized that he could eat the berries off the bushed.  He eat every berry on this bush.
more  berries.
Brendan actually picking berries off the bush, even though he doesn't like the berries.
a bounty of berries
helping daddy fill his bucket, I think daddy liked it better when they were helping mommy.
Brendan and Lucas sharing a bush with lots of berries of it.
Brendan started collecting the berries in his shirt.  After that it was monkey see monkey do, all the boys were doing it.
Later the boys started collecting  berries in their water bottles.

Connor carrying the berries back to the truck.  He was beat.
B, A and L rode in the back of the truck through the corn field, back to the main road.  They loved it.