Monday, September 21, 2009

Must-Have Mondays

I am a HUGE fan of cake in the box.  I love the yellowcake, the butter recipe, the devil food...I think I love them all.  I alway have a least one box but I have been know to have up to 10 box in my pantry.  I use them for cakes, lots of cupcakes and more.

When I'm in a pinch I even use the cake in a box to make cookies. I am such a fan of these cookies.  I can make them quicker than it takes to send Mike to the grocery store.  And they are so delicious. 

Now I know that I have many of you wondering what the recipe is.  Well it's simple, take on box of cake mix, any flavor you want,  add 1/3 cup of 
vegetable oil and 2 eggs.  Mix together well.  If you want to add chocolate chips or m&m's you may, if not that's fine too.
Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.  Make sure to not overbake.
The cookies will be soft


Cake in the Box is my Must-Have for this Monday
Have a great Week!!!!