Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Party at Orchard Hill

Last Saturday we were invited to a Bithday Party for MiniMe's son.  So after a morning filled with soccer, we quickly headed home for a change of clothes and to shove some food with the boys' mouths.
Then it was off to Orchard Hill in Dutton for an afternoon of friends, food and fun.

First the kids had so much fun running with the corn maze.  I don't know if we ever actually it to the end of the maze.  We kind of found a kid made trail to get out instead.

Then it was off to the animals,



and geese.

Later we headed over for a hayride.  We definitely pack the wagon full,  I'm not sure we could have fit any more on.

The birthday boy getting ready for the hayride.

During the hayride, everyone had the opportunity to get off and pick out a pumpkin.

KK and his grandpa deciding which pumpkins they wanted

After the hayride, we were treated to some donuts, cupcakes and cider.  Yum!!!  KK then finally got to open all his gifts.  What a great party!!!  Thanks Josh, Jamie and KK for inviting us.  We had a blast!!!