Thursday, October 15, 2009


After an early morning school circle meeting, we stopped by Heidi's Farmstand on our way home.  I needed some more apples - bushels 3,4,and 5 for this season so far, and we needed a couple more pumpkins so when we have a free night for carving, we have them.  As the nice employees of Heidis' were gathering my many apples, I took the boys over to the pumpkins so they could pick one out.  Off they ran to the BIGGEST smallest pumpkins they had... wait a minute, don't must kids like to find biggest pumpkins, not my boys.  I have to keep telling them to find a bigger pumpkin.

Finally they were pretty sure they had found the right size pumpkins, and while I was loading them in the wagon,  the boys decided it would to fun to jump and climb on the pumpkins.  I'm so glad we were outside and the friendly employees of Heidi's were still packing my apples.  I really didn't want to buy any more pumpkins that I had to at $5 buck a pop.

and if you're wondering about Brendan not getting to pickout a his own,  well, we had a few grow from the leftover rotten pumpkins that were left in the garden last year.  And it's ripe at the right time of year this time. :)