Monday, October 5, 2009

Brendan's Field Trip

WOW!!!!  I can't believe it's been one and a half weeks since I last blogged.  We have been busy with cold and rainy soccer games, school, homework, making things for the School Harvest sale and couple nice days, we spent on field trips.  On Sept 24, we went to Binder Park Zoo with Brendan's grade.  I was able to go, thanks for my MIL, who watched the other three boys.  Thanks Mom!!!

I  started out a school at 8:00am.  The chaperones got the directions,  the list of kids w were responsible for and the worksheets the kids needed to fill out during the field trip...yes the kids didn't just get to have a day of fun they needed to learn something, which is good seeing how we pay an arm and leg to send them to school.

Well, I looked at my list of kids and I definitely got a great group of boys...yes more boys!!!  I had Joey, Austin, Dewey and Brendan.  I quickly grabbed the necessary car seats(they all have to sit in car seats if they're not 8 y/o or 4'9")  and we headed out to the van.  I was ready to go...the GPS was set and I have my mug of coffee.  The boys picked out a movie and we were off. Once the movie was in, I couldn't believe how quiet the car was,  it was great!!!!

Miss Knott's class

Having a snack before heading into the zoo.

the red kangaroos

Riding the train to Africa

The Beloved Giraffes.
I loved the giraffes...I think it was the best part of the zoo.

Brendan feeding the giraffes some lettuce.

The new baby giraffe.  So cute!!!

The boys working on their worksheets. They had to find different animals throughout the zoo and they had to be more detailed on two of the animals of their choice.  Brendan picked the giraffes and the wolves.

Waiting for the rest of the group to finish.

Brendan leading the pack down the trail.

All the boys loved this orange and black bird.

b & w monkeys, they look alot like skunks don't they?

riding the train back from the Africa.

The tortoise was gone already for the season, and it was one of the animals they had to find on their worksheets, so this was the next best thing

Austin and Joey getting eaten for the Lion

Dewey tried to not get eaten

I think Brendan was pretty scared, don't you think?

The goats  loved Joey.  They came right up to him, he thought it was pretty cool

Miss Knott taking our picture.

the Prairie dogs in their burrows

Brendan & Austin & the elephant