Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chopped Off

I am no longer hidden from the world.  
I am feeling very naked.  
My corn is gone.

I can see the road and the road can see the house.
I can see the farm, and I suppose the cows can see me.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, the harvesting crew was out by our place.  My brother Brian and a few of the cropping employees from Fennville took the long journey to Freeport.  If I remember correctly it's about a 3-4 hour drive by tractor/chopper going about 20 mph.  That's a long trip in it's self.

On a good day they can easily get the 120 acres around the finished, but with the ground being so wet it didn't happen and the trucks needed extra help getting through the fields. All the action was happening on the North side of the Farm on Tuesday so I didn't see too much of what was going on.  But Wednesday morning, Connor was running from window to window all excited about the tractors and combines.  It wasn't until late morning that he finally got to ride with daddy for a little while.  But it didn't take long and he was back in the house, his hands were too cold.  So we opened all the blinds to the back of the house, and he watched his DVD of tractors and had a watchful eye on the tractors in the field.  

Watching the action for the deck

Here they come!!!!

on the left side of this picture you see an extra tractor following the trucks and chopper, that Mike's position.  He was in charge of pulling or pushing  the trucks when they got stuck.

Here he is in action.

So now I have to get used to the fact that the world aka Freeport can see me again.  I just hope they decided to plant corn around the house again next summer and not hay.

Until planting season...