Monday, October 12, 2009

School Pictures

Last week Friday, school pictures were taken.  You know the ones where you pay way too much, pick from a gray and teal splash color background, and you just know that there will be some cheesy smile.  Well, I decided back when Brendan was in preschool that it wasn't worth my money to buy the school pictures.

So tonight, while Brendan was at soccer practice, I took the twins into to town and snap a few.  

This is my fav of Austin

As quickly as a snap of  your fingers, Austin's attitude changed and he didn't want to give me any more smiles.

So I let him change stops and asked him to start laughing, (I tend to get a more natural looking smile that way and then his eyes are smiling too. )  and I get the full head tilt back.

Nice pic, just wish the mouth was closed.

Then it was Luc's turn.  I don't think I ever have a problem with Luc not wanting to take pictures.  I usually just have trouble getting him to look at the camera.
  I can't pick a fav with him...I like them all.

As I was getting the twins back in the van, Connor announced that he wanted his picture taken too. So I got him out of the van and took his pictures...he only want 3 pictures then he ran back to the van.  

Here's the best one.  So cute and funny at the same time.

I can't wait to get Brendan's pictures.  I think these turned out great!!!!